Kids Often Have Underlying Health Issues That Affect Speech

If your child has been getting therapy for speech, but you’re wondering if it’s working,
other factors could be standing in the way of their progress.

Our team of specialists come from various disciplines to offer valuable
insights into the causes of your child's struggle with speech.

A child may have a disability plus underlying factors making their struggle more difficult. We may not be able to resolve a primary disability, but we can take steps toward correcting structural issues.

Our team of specialist Speech Therapists, Orofacial Myologists, Orthodontists and Dietitians offer a deeper understanding and the most effective solutions.

Child Struggling With Speech

Is Your Child Struggling With Speech?

Families often spend years going from therapist to therapist and specialist to specialist trying to solve their child's speech issues. A child with speech challenges may be asked to undergo oral surgery, endure teeth extractions and tongue cribs or have their tonsils removed.

Our team can often identify the physical challenges that slow or prevent progress towards clear speech. Then correct them through less invasive means.

For one child we reversed sleep apnea, mouth breathing and forward tongue thrust that put a stop to further face flattening along with minimising the potential long term TMJ complications.

Our team achieved this result by identifying this child's food intolerances, providing uncommon exercises, specialist orthodontic care and a sleep appliance.

Prompt Results

Getting Prompt Results

Parents and support coordinators rightly want a child's speech issues successfully corrected at an early age. Waiting until the child is a teen to finally get a solution can often be too late. By this time the child has been through years of struggle and disappointment and has become too discouraged to participate in therapy.

Our team offers a triage of rich custom services

There is no one-size-fits-all.

Each child is carefully assessed to uncover all the issues that could be affecting the success of therapy.


Mouth breathing’s short-term and long-term effects can be catastrophic on both health and speech. A permanent resolution is crucial for optimal oral functionality.


Specialist orthodontists treat children as young as age 3 to maximise the opportunity of normal speech development and potentially avoiding the much more costly option of jaw surgery during adolescence.


Undetected mild intolerances to basic foods can create breathing challenges and a cascade of negative health consequences including speech.


Muscle tone can significantly impact speech; congenital disabilities and the impact of years of childhood finger sucking and mouth breathing.


Adequate hearing isn't optimised hearing and often undiagnosed ear canal and wax generation conditions that require regular maintenance could be the difference.

Many of these methods fall outside the world of speech therapy.

Our broader, multi-disciplinary approach gives children a wider palette of solutions often needed for resolution and recovery.

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