Anita works with clients affected by a variety of disabilities offering an individualised training program to support and effectively navigate a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Without a background in medicine Anita concluded our bodies are hardwired to heal and she shares the information procured from decades of information sleuthing that, amongst other things, helped her family avoid surgery on numerous occasions.

Anita is an advocate for disability rights and ensures her Australian clients NDIS plans are fair, effective and well managed. Anita’s team offer in home assistance and training to self manage their plans.

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Anita is a parent of a teenager that has a mild Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) that has attended a variety of educational facilities in Melbourne, Australia

  • Early intervention (pre-school therapy)
  • Mainstream primary school
  • Public primary specialist school
  • Private primary specialist school
  • Public secondary specialist school

Anita found the school environment was not adequately equipped to effectively teach students with IDD's

  • Critical life skills
  • The skills and confidence required to gain fulfilling employment post school

Anita believes the current 81% lifetime unemployment rate for people with an IDD is too high and the keys for change are:

  • Awareness

    Many people with IDD's are capable of

    ✓ Learning many life skills during their 13 school years

    ✓ Living an independent and fulfilling life

  • Maximising K-12 educational opportunities with the challenge of obtaining quantifiable life skills
  • Advocacy for an inclusive employment paradigm
    Our society deserves it!