Gail is both a visionary and a doer in the world of disability. Gail has a unique empathy and understands the gaps that individuals with disabilities and their families experience. Change doesn’t usually fit the current paradigm or procedure so Gail’s proficient at creating opportunities through a well connected network that’s taken decades to develop.

Gail's reforms

Social connection & mentorship

Founded Doncaster All Abilities Basketball (DAAB) competition in 1998

250 players and 32 teams with every range of ability from 5 to 45

Several DAAB athletes have represented Victoria and Australia in basketball

For some this is their only social outlet and weekly recreational activity

Established DAAB Leadership program

Providing opportunities for athletes with a disability:

  • ✓ Growth
  • ✓ Gain confidence in public speaking and general communication skills
  • ✓ Understand what it is to be a good role model
  • ✓ Voluntary positions in the community

Introduced a Debutante Ball in a specialist school setting

Offering young adults with intellectual disabilities the mainstream dream of connection and hope in an adult world

Support group for mothers with adults with disabilities

Joined with some mothers from the basketball community to offer an opportunity for peer support, exchange of ideas and respite from family commitments that for some are literally 24/7

Work education – in school

Curriculum reform and guidelines to ensure education is productive, efficient and worthwhile for every individual

Created structured learning opportunities to obtain essential life skills

Introduced mentoring programs with local businesses and local volunteers


  • ✓ Problem solving
  • ✓ Resilience
  • ✓ Confidence
  • ✓ Social Skills
  • ✓ Independent living
  • ✓ Employment
  • ✓ Work education - post school
  • ✓ A healthy lifestyle

Work education – post school

Assisted The Pines Learning Centre in establishing further educational programs in an inclusive environment for adult students with disabilities because we know learning is ongoing

Respite housing

Assisted in gaining respite housing options for parents struggling with depressed, isolated and difficult adult children

Advocacy and committees

Member of Manningham Inclusive Community Housing (MICH)

MICH believes a home is not just a house in which you live but is also about the community in which you have chosen to live

MICH believes a home is where you find connection to people and places and where you can contribute to the community in an inclusive environment

MICH‘s aim is to engage Federal, State and Local Government and the Community to develop appropriate housing projects for adults with disabilities within the local community of Manningham

ALKIRA - Services and Outcomes Committee (Post School Centre)

Manningham Community Services Forum

Doncaster All Abilities Basketball (DAAB)

Gail’s career spans over 40 years

Mainstream primary school teacher

Specialist school teacher P-12 (head of department)

TAFE Work Education teacher

Acknowledgement of Gail’s achievements

Olympics Games torch relay bearer, Sydney 2000

Manningham Promoting Character Award 2005

Australia Day Manningham Citizen of the Year 2006

Volunteer of the Year, Basketball Victoria 2009

Outstanding Leadership & Dedication, Manningham City Council 2010

Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary 2014

Victorian Premier’s Volunteer Champions Award 2017

The Life Skills Toolkit

ensures an individual’s education is as effective as possible,

essentially it keeps everyone involved honest

Support Life interview with Gavin Baulch