If you’ve had or still have significant long term challenge or trauma in your life – this is for you – especially if you’ve ever heard your doctor say “it’s just stress”.

Anita and her family experienced a long list of seemingly unrelated innocuous health complaints, symptoms dismissed by numerous doctors as mostly of no consequence or untreatable, until the list became one symptom too long.

To the single mother in her 40’s adding heart palpitations to an already too long list was unacceptable. Instead Anita accepted the DIY health advocate challenge and without embarrassment openly invited Dr Google into the family home and found a doctor who welcomed them into their consulting room.

A dogged determination and getting more opinions than most was the key to resolving the whole long list without prescription drugs or surgeries. Anita will discuss her first hand experiences with the symptoms that are commonly associated with stress including migraine, mouth ulcers, eczema, dermatitis, back pain, lower leg sports injuries, restless legs and chronic neck and shoulder pain.

Anita is the author of other books that have spared her children from tonsillectomies, sleep apnoea, jaw surgery, orthodontic extractions and the horrendous long term consequences of mouth breathing.

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